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short for stupid. similar how re re is short for retard or retarded, and how cra cra is short for crazy. stu stu is pronounced like stue stue
Sumiyah: That girl is so stu stu. She stole a book from the library. haha
by hayimus November 09, 2009
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Meaning stupid as fuck... Lacking meaningful intelligent brain cells... The lack of common sense
Man1. Man that boy Cochise didn't help me at all yesterday
Man2. I tried to tell you, that boy is stu-stu
by Smartmouthasshole October 29, 2018
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A Stu Stu is a male who is obsessed with showering, extremely cheep but always broke, is too busy giving advice to take any and over uses the following words: Yuck, Meow, Cute and Sweetie
A Stu Stu Meow looks very yuck today. When Meow gets out of the shower Meow will let you take me to Chili's for a Frozen Margaritas, does that sound good Sweetie? Oh, you should go put on that cute surfer girl shirt I like and take some of that makeup off so I can see your freckles.
by Yuck Butt Fus January 12, 2009
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