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Strun/struning, verb, from the Italian, "strunz" or "stronzo" meaning shit or little shits (i.e. "Morning strunz!", as one might greet a police officer walking the beat). Struning or to strun is the action of moving forward while shitting, as a goose might, so that the shit emanating from your tail-end actually produces a kind of parabolic jet trail. Your movement relative to your poop, plus your poop's velocity inside you prior to release, produces this effect.
Struning, pronounced stroo-ning. Try it people! : )
I was so sick from the lobster raviolis and the 12 pack of Pabst I consumed the night before, I woke up in a tub of puke, and almost found myself struning onto my bedroom floor as I ran to the bathroom, but thankfully I made it just in time.
by ADP June 18, 2014
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