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(adjective, noun). A straight man with overwhelmingly gay tendencies and characteristics, but who still (apparently) prefers sleeping with women. Similar to metrosexual, but gay characteristics are not limited to dress and hygiene (for example, strocks are often overtly effeminate in speech, interests, and attitude) thereby including dirty hipsters and the like. Often stylish, outgoing, and unique, they pull girls with little trouble.

Etymology: derived from the English "straight" and the English "cock," together signifying that the man is straight-- but only in their cock. Gay everywhere else.

Related words: strocky, strockiest
Boy: "I'm a film studies major who enjoys a wearing bowties, walking gingerly, and making kissy faces at the camera, duh! This is my girlfriend, Monica."
Girl 1: "How the fuck is that guy not gay?"
Girl 2: "He's not gay. I've hooked up with him, it was hot. He's just really strock."
by s & L April 24, 2007
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