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1. noun- cocaine; ( from stripperus maximus (L-n. naked chick /and baitarus/a/um (;L: n.- temptation}; - the drug of choice for exotic dancers since they are up all night and on their feet, many see this energizing commodity as a fair trade for very private performances . Most dancers make it a point not to hook up with guys who come into the club, but will suddenly forget this rule when there is a sufficient amount of coke to be had .yayo blow toot bang white powder sniff snow coke
1.Darren had a whole mess of stripper bait at the cabaret and ended up taking two fish (strippers, dancers, adult entertainers) back to his place and partying with them.
by York Oxmall October 06, 2007
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Cocaine. Preferably a large bag of good cocaine. The inference is that nearly all strippers toot up now and again and being in possesion of a knuckle of bang will be enticement enough to take her home (as it usually is..). It is not limited to luring strippers, but all "party girls" in general.
"Yeah, I gotta go meet Mister Pink to cop some stripper bait and then I'm goin' to the club."

" She took me in the both for a private and I whipped out the stripper bait. After that it was a wrap..."

"Jen saw the stripper bait and got freaky on me like that!"
by Yuri Tarditt October 04, 2007
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The stack of money that a customer at a strip club places on the table, in hopes that it will get the dancers to talk to him. However that customer never spends a dime. Just puts that stack back in his pocket and leaves.
I always have at least $100 in ones on the table when I go to the strip club as stripper bait.
by Ninja Nerd Warrior March 28, 2014
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