Someone that does not have a place to live and mooches off other peoples places. Sometimes a Stridor will be at your place when nobody else is there.
Occasionally I come home and see this stridor eating my food and sleeping on my favorite couch.
by Justin November 11, 2004
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Colloquial, non-technical alternative of stridulous. May be use of someone exhibiting stridor -- a high pitched sound caused by upper-airway swelling or restriction. Unlike stridulous, this word has more audible and written resemblance to the noun stridor.
The patient needs a dose of racemic epinephrine because he sounds stridorous.
by DC_RT July 07, 2018
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Refers to the high-pitched monophonic noise associated with croup (laryngotracheitis).
My baby has been coughing and stridorous for the past two nights.
by SMXT November 11, 2009
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