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The stroll across campus after a one night stand. Usually slower and with more gusto than the walk of shame. Typically reserved for men as one night stands garner respect and bragging rights with your buddies. However, women can be seen doing the stride of pride after being rocked the previous night as opposed to the one minute man or dealing with whiskey dick.
Jon: Look at her hair. Definitly the walk of shame.
Frank: Sorry, look at the shit-eating grin on her face. Definitly the stride of pride.
by capt. redfinger August 26, 2005
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a reclamation of the walk of shame. Describes an occasion in which one must traverse public avenues the morning after a sexual encounter. One's status as a "strider" is usually aparent in the nature of one's dress, that somehow clearly indicates that one did not return to one's own home the night before. The quality of the sexual encounter and/or the social status of the partner(s) are generally factors that will turn a walk into a stride.
J saw Red walking down Washington St. at 10:30 wearing the suit and tie she'd had on the night before. "Walk of Shame?" J inquired. "No, Stride of Pride!" replied Red. "There's no shame in sex that good."
by RedBeet May 26, 2006
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The robust strut of success one walks on the way home from someone else's residence following a night of brag worthy sex. Often marked by tousled hair, stolen t-shirts and/or yesterdays outfit.
"Angela and Mark hooked up last night."
"You can tell. I saw them at breakfast. He's been screwed speechless and she was rockin' the stride of pride."
by Pk2jc February 07, 2010
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