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A working pr strategy designed to make the consultant or the consultancy company look good without necessarily delivering any promised benefit to the client.
The product launch failed but the stratwork was so good that it actually caught the attention of would-be clients. I say they're suckers if they actually fall for that!

If you need a second opinion, ask your media friends. They can tell which pr strategy is good and which one is just a stratwork.

Since when did you start believing in a stratwork? I tell you its all nice sounding as most strategies do but it won't work!
by Joex August 12, 2007
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A strategic or clever betrayal by a person or organization, especially one effected after taking advantage of your trust, services, talents, and/or loyalty.
The stratwork on her was so smooth she didn't got a hint of it until it as all too late.

The company stratworked him into believing that everything will be done in the spirit of fairness but in the end they sued him.

The project failed all right but the stratworks behind is so fine you'd gladly do it all over again, if you are dumb.
by El Morbo April 10, 2007
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