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Somnebody who follows the straight edge philosophy. That is, a person who respects their body
*by not consuming alocohol
*by not consuming other drugs
* by not having casual sex.

Some straight edgers are also vegan(or vegetarian) but this has nothing to do with being straight edge.

Some edgers (the abbreviation for straight edgers)have become sxe (the abbreviation for straight edge) because it is "cool" but most recognise it is a healthy, mature way of life.

Straight edgers, in my opinion (I'm edge), should not try and convert people or force them into becoming straight edge, because it is a life style choice.
Person: Hey, do you want a drink / some drugs?
True edger: No thankyou, I'm a straight edger.


Person: Hey, do you want a drink?
False trend-following edger: No, 'cause I'm like totally a straight edger and you suck because you drink. *gets out hand and shows large black cross* - for more info look up straight edge
by Neera April 18, 2006
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Somebody who is straight edge, and follows all that goes with it.
"I am drug free, I am alcohol free, and I am better than you!" (CM Punk)
by OD Smith March 21, 2005
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1. A person who does not drink, smoke, abuse drugs of any kind, or have meaningless sex (read: the majority of people, most of whom do not define themselves by the fact that they do not partake in any of the aforementioned activities. But hey... you'll have maniac fringe in any group).

2. Trendy fucks who drop the ideology after about two months.

3. Militant dipshits who are too goddamn ignorant to see that the only thing that separates them from Conservative politicians is the suit and tie.
1. No thanks, man; I don't smoke. I'll wait inside until you're done with that cigarette.


3. I feel that it is my duty to 1)legislate morality and 2)equate immorality with my own personal view of what society should not do. XBRING BACK PROHIBITIONX. KILL YOUR LOCAL DRUG DEALER XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX NO DRUGS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, MOTHERFUCKER. But really, it's what's best for the world.
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An incorrect laymen's term used to identify individuals who subscribe to the straight edge philosophy.

"Straight edger" is often used in place of the more correct identifier of "one who is straight edge".

The cacophonous term is akin to describing one with Christian beliefs as a "Christianer", one with Jewish beliefs as a "Jewer", one with Mormon beliefs as a "Mormoner".

Or one who uses the term as an "idioter".
Those straight edgers sure do get a bad rap! Handsome devils they are, and they smell of clean laundry too!

I'm sure glad those straight edgers beat up those Juggalos!
by Renostyle February 07, 2008
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In New Jersey, a gambling addict or compulsive overeater.
That crew of straightedgers has been at the casino's all-you-can-eat buffet for five hours now and show no signs of letting up.
by andy314 April 24, 2006
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