Pretending to be straight but really being a closet homosexual.
Josh tried hitting on the girl at the party but his straight rage kicked in and he became flaccid.
by fliedlice September 4, 2015
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when a person never shuts up about people of the opposite gender that they find attractive.

a lot of the time they make fun of gay people for doing the same thing.
girl 1:oh isn’t this guy so attractive?
i started talking to this guy yesterday and i’m already in love!
i saw a guy yesterday and i’m already planning our wedding!

girl 2: that girl is pretty

girl 1: eww that’s so gay and disgusting! you make your sexuality your whole personality! you’re such a raging lesbian!!!

girl 2: you’re such a raging straight :(

ps: straight guys also do the same thing.
by Katkrazy June 12, 2021
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