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A stinky vagina.

pungent pussy, rotten peach, smelly coochi, funky fuckhole, stinky snatch, torrid twat, fermented fish taco, mangy mutt, stale cookie, stench trench, squalid squidport, skunk, fishy snatch, gangrenous gash, infected axe wound, moldy minge, fungus hole, sour slot, clammy cunny, vile vag, musty cave, dumpy ditch, tangy taint, rotten meat wallet, stank tunnel, hog hole, bat cave, expired juice box, maggoty meat stocking, hatch to hell, fish box, tuna town, cheesy cunt, slovenly snatch, poopy pootytang, putrid pussy, rank skankhole, yecchy yoni, fetid fuckbucket, stinkbox, slaggy slumhole, stenchy cooter, vapid vagg, spicy meat taco, mingy meat lips, decomposing doodle hole, smelly cum bucket, clammy clamchops, stinky hatchet gash, fish cunt, herring hole, stinkpuss, seafood taco, nasty smooch, aged sloppyjoe, stinky squidhole, vulture vulva, maggot den, rundown paris hilton, grimy gutter, death trench, infected cut, dirty goat, dead kitten, cookie monster, calamari cooter, dumpster, grody goo-hole, rank red snapper, gassy gash, guano cave, rotten cookie, queefing wookie
Uncle Doodle's Angus beefstick stunk for weeks after marinating in Daisy's guano cave. "Spelunking that swampy stoonch was worth the chlamydia", he claims.

Helga's stoonch stunk of fermented herring. I held my breath to eat her naughty, rotten cookie. It didn't taste as foul as it smelled.

When asked about the smell, I told my friends she slept with a wookie and bathed in a squalid barrel of fish filth. It would have been problematic to mention her stoonch. ๏ผˆ ยด_ใ‚`๏ผ‰

He squirted his chia seeds into her stoonch to start the fermentation process. She said it's 100% Organic.

We assumed the stench was just a wookie eating a whale carcass. We turned the corner and there was Trigglypuff, gobbling baloney with her hogly stoonch.
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by Uncle Doodle August 14, 2016
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