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An unspecified posession, said to be had by those who have never indulged in illicit experiences, specifically: cannabis
When one is said to posess their s., you can be reasonably sure that they have never partaken in smoking, weed, pot, ganja, certain types of shrooms
and/or baked goods.
This earliest usage of this word can be traced to Berkeley, CA where, legend has it, it was coined by an extremely large Russian man. Etymologically speaking, it derives from two germanicly based words stoned (as well as its variant, stoner) and virginity (see also: cherry).
Chrissy was too big a pansy to consider sacrificing her stonerginity to Messieurs K and T in a drug-induced, frenetic, orgy-esque smokeout.
by Mr. Salty May 05, 2005
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Chrissy did not lose her stonerginity that fateful Saturday, despit K & M's insistence and readily available paraphernalia. bboooooo
by krazy with a k May 01, 2005
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