To put up artificial or contrived barriers to slow down or stop someone's progress.
I've been trying to get to the bottom of this problem but she keeps stone walling me.
by John Hubbard October 19, 2006
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When a male is expecting a date to end in sex, and is usually unpleasantly disappointed. Generally the date leaves the male feeling discouraged, and so sad they can't even muster up the enthusiasm to masturbate.
"Damn, I drove 15 miles in a blizzard to get some, and it ended in stone-wall Jackson. I couldn't even muster up the enthusiasm to masturbate!"
"What a bitch."
by Wooley, mixmaster. April 28, 2009
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When someone who knows there history and also smokes a lot of weed and has a square head.
by b ran jannsen May 22, 2008
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Often used in northern hill sheep farming communities to express the feeling after inhaling the smoke from a lot of weed..

Comes (obviously) from a combination of stoned and stone wall.
By eck - sorry lass - I was as stoned as a wall last night...
by Badly Drawn Kev April 5, 2007
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Stone Wall on Steroids is the act of being in the way of ever new idea someone else proposes.
It is one thing to be against President Trump because my friend Jerry is a sore loser, it is quite another thing for Jerry to be a Stone Wall on Steroids on everything Trump does. He has lost all prospective on fair play.
by deuniqued February 1, 2017
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1. A wall made of stone.

2. A not commonly known videogame character archetype that sacrifices offensive power for more defenses. In co-op based games, this character archetype will usually be the tank if not the mighty glacier directing hits and tanking them. Their damage output doesn't always have to be subpar but it could be limited by other factors such as range or mobility. (In short, he can't kill you but you can't kill him)
Example one:

Person 1: "Oh wow a stone wall!"
Person 2: "Yep It's made of stone"

Example Two
Person 1: *Throwing all of his attacks to kill the stone wall*
Stone Wall: "HAHA you'll never kill me I'm invincible !"
Person 1: "Well yes, but you don't have anything to fight back"
Stone Wall: "Oh"
by ninjaizauwsum September 21, 2020
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