the scariest thing known to man kind, holds power above mega stink
stay away from them, they got that ultra stink power.”
by Chriseggna August 31, 2019
when you dropping logs the doo doo water slaps up on your nutsack
Mannnn, Ryan and Joe are playing shit swords, you know they boxers gonna stink when they cover their stink bags.
by Da JH Man November 24, 2021
When someone has a stink, and you don't know if it from the front or the back.
God damn mother fucker! What is that smell? That shit is coming out of your stink taint!
by vrmmmm December 24, 2016
This means someone on your clique smells bad. Ultimately, making your entire group smell bad as well.
Nah, we not playin' basketball wit dem boys. Because there's a cipher stink going on over there with them. Sheeesh!!
by OffWithYourHead4749 October 2, 2021
After you eat a lot of garlic and blow a load on her face. It stinks like garlic
I blew a stink load on her face
by uncle meatster December 15, 2013
When sweat smells like potent urine from intoxication of alcohol
He came home "stinking pissed"
by Unlocking_Freedom November 20, 2022