A sexual act where one partner inserts his/her pointer and middle finger in a women's pussy while also inserting the pinkie in the woman's asshole. While the fingers are in, the partner will then use the thumb to rub the clitoris. This causes the most possible stimulation in a small package.
I'll give her the stimulus package, bitches love stimulus packages
by Thasnaaaaaasty July 1, 2013
When one's fuck up goes in his/her favor.

To be rewarded for something you really didn't do.

To want someone to give you something you really don't need or deserve for free.

This has been said around at my job recently.
"I can't believe I got that $200 stimulus package on my check because I forgot to clock out two days ago."

"Obama should give me a free designer handbag stimulus package."
by patches_the _cat October 28, 2009
In Cannabis culture, a stimulus package is when you add herb to the top of the bowl to keep it going.
Person 1: holding the bowl: I think the bowl is dead
Person 2: I guess you’ll just have to give it a stimulus package
by StrangeGal June 6, 2018
1200 for individuals

2400 for married couples
500 per child
by GRINDRMAN March 26, 2020