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Are little balls of shit that cling on to the hairs in your ass. It became a common word in Germany after a massive epidemic of Stieglitz was discovered in 2007 by German doctors doing colonoscopies, couples doing ass play in the bedroom, and people sipping there ass to discover balls of shit on there toilette paper. To combat this epidemic Germany created cardboard like toilette paper to scrap off any Stieglitz and hairs and sometimes skin in the butthole, it was very effective. Germans are now trying to get it into the oxford dictionary as it is now a very common word, and also as an awareness to fellow germans and to the world. Stieglitz is also a direct German translation of the english word "willnots" as In " these balls of shit will not come out".
Dude you smell like Stieglitz go clean your asshole.
by WP BABY March 21, 2015
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