the hot guy from that 70's show.
he has sideburns and a white guy fro.
he's definitly bangable.
"dayum! that guy looks like steven hyde."
by some bitch. August 25, 2008
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Character from That '70s Show, played by Danny Masterson. He shows up in Show from first episode of Season 1 to last episode of Season 8. He is white guy with an afro haircut. Usually wear sunglasses (even at night). His mother abandoned him at half of season 1 and he moved to live in basemant of his school friend Eric Forman. Until season 7 he didn't know who is his real father, and at first episode of season 7 he met him. His name is William Barrnet and he is black, which makes Hyde half-black. Hyde is though guy known mostly for his anti-governmant and anti-system quotes. Through Show, he was in few relationships, most known is with Jackie Burkhart.
„Three true branches of the Governmant are: Millitary, Corporations and Hollywood.”

„Dating is like prostitution, only you get less for what you paid.”

„I respect the Judeo-Christian ethic, as well teachings of Eastern philosophies and Muhammad ofcourse. I found that organize religion corrupted those beliefs through history. So, If I attend to church, I would be a hypocrite.”

- Steven Hyde
by Analitičar August 31, 2018
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