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The Fox News co-host for Fox & Friends. Doocy is a prime example of lovable stupidity. He is often so hillariously misinformed that you just want to tilt your head and say "aww.." at his sincere and adorable attempt at journalism.

One would wonder why Steve Doocy actually has a job at Fox News. His journalism skills are in fact, on par with an 8 year. Then you realize, he's the mascot of Fox News. The unintelligent, dim-witted, moronic shell of a person that represents the station as a whole. He is the embodiement of Fox News.

It is highly likely that he has never formed a cognitive thought, opinion, or idea without the help, aid, or influence of others.
Steve Doocy is the drunk baby of Fox News.

Steve Doocy: "Palin does have foreign policy experience, after all, Alaska is right next to Russia."
by YHHAWNFTPSHI April 04, 2009
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