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Pretty much the coolest girl ever, you talk to her for just a little while and you see how much of a cute and kind girl she really is. She has good taste in music and style, and is super good looking, there is no girl like an Alison. She is innocent but in a good way, shes immature but its cute, and it's easy to make her laugh because shes a fun person
Hey, you know Alisyn, that girl is crazy fun!
by they momma September 11, 2012
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Alisyn is the most amazing and important girl you will ever have in your life. She will try to push you away. As long as you stay with her. She will always have your back as long as you have her back. She wants to be supported by a tall male. She likes only guys. She is really intelligent. Alisyn is the best name for a girl. She is loyal and faithful. She likes to be treated right. Alisyn wants a trustworthy, intelligent, and tall guy that wants spends most of his time with her. She is the most gorgeous, intelligent, amazing personality, amazing girl you could ever be with.
Who is that amazing girl over there?

Her name is Alisyn.
by Trust_mesenger November 03, 2017
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