Possibly the greatest actor to ever grace the silver screen. Should be worshipped as the god that he is.
Has been in many, many movies including:
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction (as Buddy Holly)
Con Air
Big Fish
Billy Madison/Wedding Singer/Big Daddy/Mr Deeds (Crazy Eyes)
Coffee & Cigarettes.

Has also lent his voice to characters in 'Home on the range' and 'Monsters Inc.'

A true legend.
Person 1: Man, Steve Buscemi is one kick ass mofo
Person 2: Werd. \m/
by MsNugget May 28, 2005
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A Hollywood actor known for his talent at playing misfits and creeps, and for committing the unforgivable crime of having self esteem in Hollywood. His refusal to replace his distinctive face with plastic like most other actors his age has earned him much scorn from mainstream shows and reviewers who label him as "ugly." Funny enough, he and his wife Jo Andres (another "ugly" artist who has chosen to look human rather than stretch out her cheeks with plastic surgery) are among the few couples in Hollywood to have a long-lasting, healthy marriage.
"So let me get this straight. You want me to watch a movie from the '90s I've never heard of, staring Nicholas Cage with a fake Alabama accent?"

"It also has Steve Buscemi as a Hannibal knock-off, and he actually doesn't die."
"Well what are we waiting for? Roll film!"
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Harmony and Steve Buscemi are SOOOOO in love. They're secretly fucking.
by stevebuscemih8er January 14, 2014
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A Hollywood actor known for being in every Adam Sandler movie as a creep because they're friends.

Alternatively, his name is used as a meme by college kids. When a girl says she knows someone famous, a guy will ask if she knows famous person's good friend Steve Buscemi (and label him as whatever the famous person in question does). The girl will almost always say yes, catching her in the lie. Steve Buscemi and his weird eyes never fail.
Girl: I used to date Johnny Manziel at A&M.

Guy: oh, Johnny Manziel? So you must know his bestfriend on campus, one of his teammates, Steve Buscemi?
Girl: oh my god yaaas! Steve was SO good at football too!

Guy: Steve Buscemi is the actor that played Crazy Eyes in Mr. Deeds, ya fuckin cunty whore.
by KumbleSubbaswamy December 1, 2017
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