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Basically a form of prejudice. A negative preconceived misconception or generalization given to a particular social/cultural group. What's interesting is that stereotypes usually have no merit. Examples:

1. female flight attendants are easy while male flight attendants are gay.
2. gay men seem feminine while lesbians seem masculine
3. italian or hispanic men have bad tempers
4. germans and irish are alcoholics
5. the English have poor hygene and bad teeth
6. Mexicans eat tacos and Italians eat pizza (both are actually American).
7. Midwesterners are hicks
8. Southerners are rednecks
9. blonde girls from southern CA are "Valley" girls
10. athletes are stupid
11. rich people have maids or butlers
12. black men rap and commit crimes
13. Muslims engage in terrorism
14. native Americans live in teepees, do rain dances and make smoke signals.
15. Eskimos live in igloos
16. East Asians eat dog meat
17. priests are pedophiles
18. ALL corporate executives including CEOs are corrupt
19. pirates wear patches and seek treasures
20. deserts are nothing but giant sand dunes
21. Mormons practice polygamy
A steroetype is usually the result of ignorance when society generalizes people.
by January 08, 2008
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