Someone who bases everything they know about another person on stereotypes. They then use those stereotypes for profiling purposes.
That cop hates minorities so much that he has become a stereo profiler.
by ktaylor1967 July 20, 2012
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In stereo is a band (3 piece). The band members are: Jakob Leo Delgado, Ethan Connor Karpathy and Chris James Lanzon. They are from Sydney and they were at xfactor during 2015
Janice: Damn, Courtney, who's that band? They are so great!
Courtney: Oh, yes. They are 'In Stereo' you should check them out!!
by Fangirl of Jakob May 12, 2017
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The Definition of "No stereo" is an insult towards someone that is trash at something or bad at something.

Created By 46Rebirthx and Nizmo.
bro u trash a call of duty u got no stereo
by dickcockinassskyhjk July 23, 2022
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A stereo system that makes good 'noise' especially to the bass end. Good enough to make a listener forget the slight homophone simillarity between 'damb ass' and 'damn bass' and just scream "...damn bass stereo, baby!"
"Trap traps me inside that damn bass stereo I bought"
by Lil Ted March 13, 2017
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When two or more parties attempt to drown out each others music.
I had a stereo collision last night. I cant believe i lost to those backstreet boys...
by chewseph September 21, 2010
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