a friggin good band, but also a group of cult heroes including, superman (nigel), batman (lewis), spiderman (ben), incredible hulk (dan) and catwoman (chris).
help help, wot shall we do... we should call silver stereo! yeh, not just great music, but great heroes to save the day
by Conan February 12, 2005
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The Stereos is an amazing pop band with two albums called Uncontrollable and a self titled one. They're amazing. Members are~ Pat Kordyback, Daniel Johnson, Robb Chalifoux, Miles Holmwood and Aaron Verdonk. All heavily tattooed white boy hipsters, with the popular songs Summer Girl and Throw Ya Hands Up. I love them.
Have you heard the stereos?

yeah, they're amazing. I love them
by JennaKordyback<3~ October 14, 2013
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