What a cutie-chick receives when nestling her head between two nice guys' warm fuzzy chests during a group-canoodle.
The symphony of a stereo-heartbeat hug is one of the most heavenly sounds in the world for a gal to hear, and is very easy and simple to experience --- just smilingly offer two friendly dudes a group-hug, and then lean yer head over in front when they obligingly cuddle up on either side of ya, so dat ya can press yer ears against their hearts.
by QuacksO December 19, 2018
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A Karen, who thinks that everyone in the world wants to listen to their music. Stereo Karens don't understand what quiet hours are, or why they cannot bring their favorite speakers to a hospital. If they drive a car, they always make sure the windows are down, and their car is sufficiently bouncing from the excess of bass.
"I had to spent 30 minutes next to a stereo karen, while stuck in a traffic jam."
"At least, you don't live next to one. I had to move from my last apartment, because a stereo karen moved next to me and played music every night until 2am."
by laylaleelai May 31, 2022
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The Stereos is an amazing pop band with two albums called Uncontrollable and a self titled one. They're amazing. Members are~ Pat Kordyback, Daniel Johnson, Robb Chalifoux, Miles Holmwood and Aaron Verdonk. All heavily tattooed white boy hipsters, with the popular songs Summer Girl and Throw Ya Hands Up. I love them.
Have you heard the stereos?

yeah, they're amazing. I love them
by JennaKordyback<3~ October 14, 2013
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When two or more parties attempt to drown out each others music.
I had a stereo collision last night. I cant believe i lost to those backstreet boys...
by chewseph September 21, 2010
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Someone who bases everything they know about another person on stereotypes. They then use those stereotypes for profiling purposes.
That cop hates minorities so much that he has become a stereo profiler.
by ktaylor1967 July 20, 2012
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In stereo is a band (3 piece). The band members are: Jakob Leo Delgado, Ethan Connor Karpathy and Chris James Lanzon. They are from Sydney and they were at xfactor during 2015
Janice: Damn, Courtney, who's that band? They are so great!
Courtney: Oh, yes. They are 'In Stereo' you should check them out!!
by Fangirl of Jakob May 12, 2017
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