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Stephnie is an impulsive alienated version of a human that likes to have things her way or no way at all. Stephnie gets easily upset over petty behavior and dislikes shallow persons.

Stephnie is someone of bold personality that will not hold off on being blunt to spare someone's feelings and will most definitely take you on if she needs to.

Stephnie has a knack for good literature and is talented in the writing department but shies away from most talents in attempts to hide herself from the world.

Anyone gifted with the name Stephnie is blessed with a strong personality but can be emotional sometimes when no one expects it.

Qualities exercised in someone with this name are rather rare qualities that will make this person be viewed in a different light as they're unique just like the name is.

Everybody needs a Stephnie.
• Wow she's so blunt. She must be a Stephnie.

• Only a Stephnie can be sweet but be a bitch at the same time.
by NightingfuckinggaleXoxO July 29, 2018
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