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a bitch that gets a divorse from her husband and moves into your house after your mother dies and screws your dad. she will do anything to buy your love for about a year but then she becomes a total bitch.
kid: can i go out?
step mother: no, you have to finish your homework!
kid: i did already.
step mother: no, your staying home to clean your room then!
by ~Jenna~ April 18, 2006
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The woman your father married after your evil, slutty mother threw him out because he refused to become a woman. The stepmother puts up with your spoiled ass and shitty treatment of both her and your father because she actually loves your father, which neither you or your fat, ugly, broke mother ever did. She's hot, educated, willing to work and actually enjoys sex - all things your mother isn't/won't/doesn't.
Being a stepmother sucks because no matter how much the kids' mother has emotionally abused them, they will always believe her when she tells them you are horrible, and so they treat you like shit, even though you support them financially and don't tell them what shitty little brats they are.
by FuckingYourEx April 19, 2011
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the fattest uglyest stupidest bitch you will ever meet. this woman treats her both blood realated and step children like shit. this woman is unbearable yet her husband wont stand up for his kids and chooses his ugly stupid wife over them.
older sibling: my gosh i cant stand that woman, why did dad marry her.

younger sibling: they have a paris hilton tinkerbell relationship. dad is paris and her pet/ our stepmother is tinkerbell
by she-izzle February 19, 2007
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A slang term used to describe an exceptionally painful hangnail. Most commonly used among older generations in western Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh.
I just got lemon juice on my stepmother and it hurts like hell!
by Ohlola August 10, 2009
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