Top definition to describe a Steevie?...O.K. here goes... now the steevie is an incredibly vivacious,charasmatic,outgoing,sexually broadminded, for example, she may be overheard uttering the following with locked eyes on yours...just spit on it....fill it up..fill up my ....or perhaps choke me...and my personal favorite....whilst pulling you the bird whispering going to need a momment... right,incredibly attractive, sexy,sensual, understanding, hardworking ,now if any of you fellas out there are ever presented with an opportunity to engage either physically, verbaly, emotionally, whatever the case may be...embrace, focus and enjoy...there is no other feeling like it in this world anyway absolutely invigorating ,stimulating experience,,,such a sweet innocent looking girl...with a potty mouth and a very healthy sexual if all that was not enough, buckle the fuck up...very easily satasfied.....when creating the doublebacked monster she is almost ready to pop the instant you are inside her {if you have preped her correctly} be prepared for an overwhelmingly satasfying rolling of the eyes back in their sockets, screwed up, like in pain face, a slight twitch followed by mini convulsions...oh my god what A WOMAN...and this isnt the end by any stretch of the in summing up...Steevie A superhot,supersexy, , my world...
oh shit...shes pulled a steevie... {in regards to experiencing a womans eyes roll back in her head and convulsing rhythmicly uttering sounds that resemble moans crying and gasping
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by 4phuxachem8 May 21, 2019
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When some body throws a football,basketball or anything and completely miss (basically Stevie wonder throwing some thing).
Me:yo Chris Iā€™m wide open in the corner.
(Goes out of bounds)
Chris:My bad i threw a steevie
by Melo2967 April 17, 2020
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