Individuals who would be considered extremely wealthy (top .01% of society) from the looks of their bank accounts, but choose to remain understated and quiet about their wealth. It's the ability to live champagne and caviar dreams, but choose to do so in a way that is indiscernible by the public. Commonly found in old monied families and communities.
Blending in with the droves of tourists in the town center, billionaires in Concord, MA drive around in old Volvo estates, wearing ordinary looking, grotesquely expensive clothing. When the discrete elite choose to get away, many take their G650 private jets out of Hanscom Field just down the street, remaining anonymous, and exercising the ultimate in stealth wealth.
by yea.$ November 2, 2015
Stealth wealth is the practice of keeping your true wealth hidden from others — even friends and family members.
John is a classic example of stealth wealth, he drives around in a used older Kia while wearing hoodies and jeans, yet he has thousands of dollars stashed in the bank.
by LadyOrion February 13, 2018