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"stealing a soul" refers to anal sex. soul stealing works on the sort of the same principle of QB sacks in football. if a man burpees another persons chocolate starfish he has then "stolen their soul", however, if multiple men invaded the same browneye over time that soul is then divided up between the soul thiefs.

for example, say i have dicked down 14 broads in the poop chute that had never be analized prior to me, i own 14 afterlives, but if Leroy the homeboy comes along and colon-izes 1 of them later on down the road i have then lost .5 and i am down to 13.5 souls... (the rule only applies to knowledge gained, if you are never truly informed you can still claim total ownage, "dont ask dont tell") if you buttbang a skank ass ho, chances are your not getting a whole soul, this is why it pays off better to chase ass virgins as it keeps your numbers high. however, once the rectal rooting is completed out it is advisable to never contact said hoe again as to do so risks possible soul division...avoid at all costs!

this is also the reason black people are refered to as being full of soul, as they love anal sex.
dude i banged out this fine ass biatch last night and when i saw the chance to steal a soul, i took it.
by mojo5326 August 24, 2010
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