Another name for a condom, especially when you are having sex regularly with your steady girlfriend or boyfriend.
Me and Jenna are hanging out tonight, I'm going to have to get some steadies
by Sean McCouste May 15, 2019
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When one is calm & chilling at a “steady rate”

Blood pressure “steady”
Person 1 : How are you?
Person 2 : Im steady man just chillinghow are you ?
by Suarvo October 13, 2021
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"a euphemism for doing extremely well," coined by Jerry Holkins (Tycho Brahe) of the webcomic Penny Arcade
Child's Play is steady bouncing they jeeps in the New York Streets
by Expligatory November 22, 2010
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How people dance to music with a good, steady beat. It refers to movement of the whole body, rather than just head bobbing or foot tapping.
Person 1: I dig this beat, man!
Person 2: I was steady bumping until the bass dropped, after that it was just a mindfuck
by jammingyo January 10, 2012
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continuously annoying a person; it can also mean continuously "being awesome", depending on context and inflection

Braaaahhhhhhhhh, you steady killin' me


That was legit; you steady killin' it
by marrrrriiiiisssssaaaaaaaa November 25, 2014
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When two people who like each other online decide that they are the only person they will talk too
Example- Theresa asked Josh to go e-steady you bitches better stay away he’s claimed 🤷 ♀️
Theresa and josh are going E~steady on mewe now. They are a thing e-steady
by Tink hazel September 25, 2019
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