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The 2nd Star Fox game released for the Gamecube. People often argue that it's the worst in the series, but it returns to the mission style in Star Fox 64, unlike the previous game Star Fox Adventures. That being said, unfortunately, there's only one path through the game. For the most part, the controls suck and most of the stages aren't just purely in Arwings like Star Fox 64. But, once you get used to the controls, it can get quite fun, especially when upping the difficulty level. There are even some stages when you can jump in and out of Arwings and Landmasters freely!
Also, the multiplayer mode allows you to select whether to be in Arwings (or Wolfens when unlocked), Landmasters (tanks), or just on foot right off the bat. There's also a massive variety of game modes and weapons to choose from.
In addition, there's a lot to unlock, the dialogue isn't bad, and the music absolutely RULES (well, only on the single player stages...); a lot of it is taken from SF64 and redone. It may not be the best in the series, but it's still a solid game that some can appreciate.

Anonymous 1: Star Fox Assault sux!!! SF64 pwns its ass!
Anonymous 2: Dude, give it a chance. It's not the worst game in the world T_T
by Fireball1783 August 08, 2007
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Star Fox Assault was the second Star Fox game released for the nintendo gamecube (the first one was the craptastic Star Fox Adventures)and has many a follower. It features the oh so popular Fox McColud, Falco Lombari, Slippy Toad and Krystal..... whatever as playable characters for multi-player from the the start of the game and tons of bounuses that are unlockable through out the game.In conclusion it features the capability in story mode and multi-player to do missions on foot, in the landmaster (tank, or in an Arwing.
Finally, as and added bonus, Peppy with, in fact, say "Do a barrel roll".
w00t!!!11!!1 Star Fox Assault was the best game of all time fo' shizzle!!1!11
by Steve McCole February 01, 2005
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The worst game in the Star Foxseries.
The whole point of this game was to make the morons who hated Star Fox Adventues happy, cause Rare didn't want a plot go to waste. First of all the game is way too short and can beaten under 4 hours. To make it worst 6 of the 10 missions are crappy ground mission where with terrible controls, you go around with Fox blowing up random objects untill all the red dots on the radar are gone. There's also the lackluster Vs. mode which has no AI bots or Capture the Flag mode. With the expection of 3 Vs levels (Orbital gate, Corneia, and Great Fox)the music is terrible, it sounds like the crap you would hear off a Kids Bop Album. But there are lots of unlockables which one of them is Xevious where you could get by beating the game on Sliver medal mode. You can get more unlockables by playing Vs matches, but unless you have 2 or 3 friends, this process will be incredibly boring. Overall Star Fox Assault is a crappy game. I would advise that you only rent this game.
Person 1: OMG Star Fox Assault RULEZZ1!!1
Person 2: No way it sucks, SF 64 was way better.
Person2: But it had Xevious.
Person 2: you mean the flash game you could play on
Star Fox Games Developers: Nintendo>>>> Rare>>> Namco
by Angryclaimaster September 10, 2005
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