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When you shit on the carpet, and grind your partner's face into it.
You better clean up that dog shit before I give you a Stanley Steemer.
by Bradley3 October 29, 2004
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Related to the Cleveland Steamer, the Stanley Steemer is when a male craps on his female lovers bush, then proceeds to sit down and rocks back and forth and "steam cleans" the carpet.
My girlfriends carpet needed cleaning, so I called up Stanley Steemer and he delivered!
by CaptainCarl April 07, 2008
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When you have sex with a girl on the floor doggy-style, pull out, pull her hair so she looks back, cum on her face, then rub it into the carpet. Named after the carpet cleaning company, Stanley Steemer.
I need to call Stanley Steemer today because I gave that girl from the bar a stanley steemer last night.
by wearafuckinghatontuesday November 03, 2011
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