the physical manifestation of your fighting spirit all damage done to a stand reflects the user (credits to Hirohiko Araki)
i need to get closer to beat you up with my stand hits stando leg bruh you just ripped my 2000 yen pants
by my mom grounded October 14, 2020
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A parking lot where chillers "chill", which happens to be located next to a liquor store named "Standard Liquor", thus the name "Standos". The time spent at Standos consists of smoking stouges and flaunting expensive cars.
Q: Fool, you wanna hit up Standos and cop some stouges?

A: Sounds chill.
by connor.chill December 13, 2010
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used by dio, he says STANDO POWAH and shows his stand (jojo's bizzare adventure part 3)
by Out this April 12, 2021
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Collective noun for random internet stranger.
I’m gonna have to ask the standos if they can send me a YouTube on how to get ketchup stains off a white tank top.

Well, standos told me if I dumped a bucket of ice on my head it would cure cancer.

A stando told me this bump was full of 5G.
by BlackheartBrood February 20, 2021
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