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A British youtube that is also know as Stampy, StampyCat, or Stampylongnose who posts minecraft lets plays with a skin of a cat
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A cancerous youtuber that has played minecraft for years. Is in his 20s and has a sqeeky voice.
I wanna be addad to stampylongheads love garden!!!!”
by Crux GodzZ September 26, 2017
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A kid-friendly Minecraft youtuber who has a lot of subs thanks to his childish-related personality. He did swear in 2012, and he once said "fucking". So not that kid-friendly back in the day?
Bro, what are you watching? Idk who it is?
I am watching stampylonghead m8. Why do u wanna know bro?
by h2008 June 12, 2018
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