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A compound word containing stalker and paparazzi that is used to mean someone who is a stalker, but who also specifically uses pictures to do much of the stalking. Such a person often puts these pictures up on social networking sites such as facebook. The stalker referred to is often a friend of the stalkee.

For example, someone who sees their friends walking down the other side of the street coming back from the grocery store, and takes a paparazzi-esque picture without saying hello to the friends. This person then will often put the picture on facebook and tag their friends.
eg. MA3: did you see that picture that MA1 put on facebook? it's of kelz and lilz walking down the street.. they didn't know she was taking the picture! it is SUCH a stalkerazzi shot!!

MA2: Ohmygosh i know!! did you see the one she posted of all their phone numbers??
by macubed58 November 21, 2009
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1. a compound word consisting of stalker and paparazzi.
That one rich girl that just got outta jail actually LIKES having the stalkerazzi around her as much as possible.
by Sumdumsurfer July 03, 2007
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when u get stalked by a mental ex,whether it be male or female.and they seem to show up wherever u are.
"how does she know we were here?"//"who?,oh that's my stalkerazzi"
by Denman75 September 23, 2009
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