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obsessive, unhealthy, unrequited, creepy love for someone marked by unwelcomed attention or attempts to contact or be around the person. In extreme cases, a restraining order is required.
If you don't let her go, your feelings for her are going to turn into stalker love. She hasn't returned any of your calls or txts. Just let it burn.
by Doublestuff December 04, 2008
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(Stalker Love):
1:Someone who use to be friends with someone
and fell in love with that person who lead them on but feelings aren't returned or given back
So you stalk their new gf. And always find out where their new relationship stands and try to get them broken up.

2: Stay obsessed with said person forever.

Some call it a stalking some call it Love.

In any case, you continue to write them letters on Facebook, Myspace, etc. Hoping they will talk to you, any talking at all even negative and hate talk works for them
Lenore:"That Mary is such a stalker, she needs to move on and quit sending Tim and his new gf Sally messages. It's sick."

Keira:"I know, there is something wrong with her, why does she like him anyways? He is sooo ugly! ugh. She calls it love i call it stalker."

Lenore:"I know it.. Stalker love...And his new gf is so stupid."

Bob:"Dude, Lizzie is so stalking me. She won't stop following me around."

Mark"I made out with her last night and she said your name dude..Must be stalker love"

Bob:"Freakk. imma get a restraining order"
by Obsessed Stalker September 06, 2010
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