The man at playing guitar.
His effects are god like, and hes very talented.
stevie also listened to jimi hendrix, which inspired him to play "little wing" as a tribute to him.
His guitar looks great. Its honorable that he was buried along with it.
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
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A limp wristed cocksucking wanker that gets a free ride to chat up other gay men on FOD while he fingers his own asshole or nextballs
They think they big tough men but really just sexually confused (often mistaken as transvestites)
Hey fuck man u see that SRV with his ass cheeks cut out at the mardi gras?

Yea man he really is queer, ewwww
by Daniel Fodb February 25, 2008
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Socially Retarded Virgin. Generally, a guy who seems to have all of his stuff together, but just can't close the deal in any physical way. May deceive you with adequate kissing, but nothing beyond that. If you have had 5 dates with no kiss, you have reached code yellow and may want to abort. Signs to look for: Frat house experience; prior long-term relationship; good education/job, and; average to above average looks. First observed in Reno, NV.
"Rick seems like the perfect guy, but we've been on 5 dates and he hasn't kissed me. Maybe he's an SRV." or "Rick is a great kisser, but he hasn't even attempted second base. And we've been dating two months. Maybe he's an SRV."
by singeltonstories March 26, 2009
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