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A sqweasel is that self-entitled a-hole who thinks he or she can go to the front of long lines of people or cars on the road if they can find a gap large enough to squeeze in.
We are gonna be here all day if people up there don't start shuttin' out those sqweasels.
by Blake Ross December 24, 2007
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The person in your workplace who is the biggest manager ass-kisser and back-stabber. Derived from being part squirrel and part weasel.

The squirrel part of this person is the manager's go to guy, yet has no ability to get the job done. This person will try to take credit for your work. When this person is assigned a task they will magically have something else in progress which means it will be assigned to you. Later, you will find out that they were off sleeping or fucking around wasting time while you were doing their assignment.

The weasel part of this person is the one who will point out any error you make to the manager no matter how insignificant. This person will have a huge ego coupled with extreme stupidity. This person only got the job because they know someone within the company. Somehow, your idiot boss will overlook this person's incompetence and give them promotions, raises, perks, etc.
worker 1 - I worked all day on that project and now it is finally complete. What a pain in the ass!

worker 2 - I thought Bill took care of that project.
worker 1 - WHAT??!! I worked my balls off to get it done!
worker 2 - I heard Bill telling the manager that he took care of the project.
worker 1 - Fucking sqweasel!
by PhoneguyAZ August 18, 2013
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