- a word describing a person or a thing that is strange or distant from reality. it is the same as calling someone a nut.
This teacher keeps touchin me. I think he's gone a little squirelly
by nikefball82 October 20, 2008
Squirelly is another word for turned on or horny. It is derived from squirels or other woodland creatures that have a lot of sex and are always wrestling around with each other. Its meant to be kind of kinky.
girl- "I'm getting squirelly cuddling with you"
guy- "I'm gettin squirelly too"
girl- "Lets go to your room"
guy- "Okay" *Score

by Whittaker Crest July 11, 2008
Crazed, wacked out dog whose rear legs fully extend past the front two while in a full-out running motion. When on grass, turf flies left, right and center. Can be caused by screaming a spastic "squirelly" multiple times until the dog flips out. Must emphasize that it must be screamed as: "squir-leeeeeeeeee" over and over, with enough force to make your face turn red.
Look ma, that dogs gone squirelly.
by Skawt N. October 22, 2005
A female that lies, perpetrates, or portrays something she is not. She always talks shit when you're not around then when you are around she kisses your ass. She has whore tendicies and will fuck anyone. Has intentions to do u wrong and is always in denial when confronted for being a squirelly ho. Squirelly Ho's are opnly good for parlayin. But warning...these ho's are very scandalous and should be approached with caution! Chronic Action.
"I was fuckin this chick the other night. Come to find out she was bangin my cousin, his two boys, the mailman, the dopeman, the po-po, the school janitor and the lady that works at 7-11. Fuck that squirelly ho."
by Michael Boy n Wana Dogg April 29, 2008