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Refers to the units of measure that determines how much uncomfortable compression that a dude unintentionally subjects his love-pipe to while mounting a bicycle and accidentally pinching said tallywacker between the seat and his thigh.
Wearing a jockstrap can sometimes reduce the risk of squaushage in that it helps to keep your "equipment" tucked back up in where it belongs, but depending on the location/configuration of a particular dude's guy-junk and how hot/humid the weather is, those beastly elastics can often **cause** more discomfort/irritation than they prevent, especially if the dude is fairly well-endowed "down there" or possesses an unusually-large/flattish butt --- those pinchy straps and the quilted-surfaced cup can be a nightmare of pressure and chafing.
by QuacksO July 19, 2018
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