(Ska-wag-ally) (1) Something that is not in order or properly aligned in such a way as to not be easily described with simple linear terminology. (2) The digital artifacts created on a TV screen when a DVD processor malfunctions. Usually manifests as picture broken up pictures with little squares dancing around the screen while random images appeared in the backround and audio is garbelled.)
(etymology- yr. 2000 created by a two-year old named Allegra Davis- appears to be a mixure of squiggly, wiggly, waggly and jaggedly.)
- "We were trying to watch the movie and the TV got all squaggly"

- "Look at her teeth they are all yellow and squaggly"

-"That poor old lady, she looks cold and her hair is all squaggly
by Captclam July 27, 2006
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