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A disgruntled sound a bird makes when surprised, also used to represent the psychotic anger which occurs when someone tries to steal your tea and/or wagon wheel.
"SQUACK. Don't even think about swiping me tea yer filthy animal."
by LotrHPStarWarsMARVEL November 15, 2016
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A duck that looks like shit and quacks really fucking hard. (aka quacks really loud and crappy)
Bob: So Joe ya like squacks?
Joe: No they look like shit.
Bob: Oh.
by Dank Memes w/ Cancer June 13, 2017
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When a girl inserts a ping pong ball into her vagina and then proceeds to queef it out.
Yo Man, I was at this party last night, and this girl squacked me from across the room.
by timleary July 18, 2010
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The sound a very large bird makes in anger or to claim its territory.
The gigantic bird made a loud SQUACK!!!! to scare away the annoyances pestering its nest.
by Fitness_frek June 09, 2010
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Slang term for the seminal fluid of the human male. Onomatapaeic referring to the sound of the ejaculation.
"Arrrgh! You fucker! You got squack in my hair!"

"Sorry baby, I was aimin' for yer boobs!"
by mikegloady January 22, 2006
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Reference to an attractive female, one who is worth the effort in achieving the ultimate goal of sex with.
I would sure ove to wordPound/word that Squack!
by Shimmy August 22, 2003
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