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1. The act of vomiting, or excreting other unwanted and useless fluids.
2. Excessive bragging.
3. Prattling about useless information in a self-important fashion.
1. "He was wasted and just started sprouling all over my shoes last night."
2. "James was sprouling about how he has the best body on campus. He's such a douche."
3. "Charmaine was sprouling all night about her recent conversion to Buddhism."
by mistagangsta August 26, 2010
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Delaying one's departure to a predetermined destination by just hanging out and milling about aimlessly.
"Stop Sprouling! Let's go!"
Are they Sprouling again?
by Sproulie July 24, 2017
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The act of being extremely sexual. Not knowing when to stop talking.
Bob: Dude, that guy will not stop talking about stupid sexual things that don't even make sense!

Dan: Totally sprouling.
by qwertyBLAH February 06, 2011
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