Technically it’s just a brand that makes bookbags but if you own one it means you smoke. It’s like holding up a flag over your head and saying “I SMOKE”
Person 1: Yo i was thinking about chilling with Tom later
Person 2: Nah he has a sprayground bag he’s probably gonna be smoking
Person 1: shit u right
by lol i’m cool March 2, 2018
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Sprayground is a company that makes clothing , much more but is known for their bags. These bags in Jamaica are seen as the the island's national bag because every child wants one, and you can see one in almost every high school in the island. Their bags carry enough space an compartments for anyone who needs one.
Yo check out Jelani's Sprayground , I wish I could have one
by TRXPGQ September 10, 2023
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