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A Sprart is a fart with a spray or blast of air, powerful enough that no feces exits with it, such as a Shart, but that a person nearby can feel the blast of air exiting. This may happen when one farts while sneezing or coughing, as the air expelled causes a painful dilation of the anus with such force and speed that anyone close can feel the air as well as the person experiencing it not being able to walk for a minute or so. Sprarts usually do not smell because the air is dispersed quickly as opposed to a long, slow emission.
John and Lisa were play-fighting and she started sneezing, then she sprarted on his leg a few times. It took her a second to be able to walk.

I should not have eaten ice cream after those hot pockets last night, I feel a sprart coming on. I took a dump earlier so I know it's not a shart, but this has some real power behind it and my butthole already hurts.

My boyfriend sprarts on me at night when he's asleep. Why can't he just let it go quietly? I feel the blastwave of hot air against my arm and that's with his boxers on. Gross.
by Eagle Azure February 23, 2014
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