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Wasting time, the result of being easily distracted due to the use of methamphetaines (meth); fiddling around with or obsessing over insignificant, unimportant details for hours during, after or as a result of long-term or sustained meth use.
Jane did a fat line and sat down at the computer to learn the definition of the word "sprack" but after spracking around with her printer settings for two hours, still didn't know what "sprack" meant.
by jacksprack September 22, 2016
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The act of realising how much of an idiot you are once you understand a simple concept you never understood.
1. (person 1) OHHHH I get it now
(person 2) You are spracking.

2. I'm sprackin' brah!
by Ahomcl April 08, 2011
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