Gekyumes first word spotlight uh moonlight uh
spotlight uh moonlight uh - Gekyume
by Moonlight Money February 10, 2019
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a deep and controversial saying coined by the deceased artist XXXTENTACION (Jahseh Onfroy)

It has no exact meaning, but is very popular and meaningful
Gekyume: yo i better pass this math test. dear jah, please let me pass. spotlight uh, moonlight uh . jahmen.
by jahseh onfro February 25, 2019
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The holy word spoken through the mouth and soul. Normally heard before Jah’s disciples (you guys) begin to gently nibble on Gekyume’s sweet, tender and juicy foreskin, or when Jah does something holy himself.
Ernest: What’s happening, cuh?

Chris: I was jacking off to Furry BBC with no hope. Then a few prayers later, Jah came down from the heavens and used his hands to gently cradle my balls.

Ernest: Truly inspiring. Spotlight uh Moonlight uh!

Chris: Jahmen!
by Uncle Lester April 3, 2019
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