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A period of time when the sheer volume and quality of live sport induces a feeling not dissimilar to an orgasm in you.

It usually involves a lot of beer.

OMG - the Premiership and Championship football is reaching it's climax, there's Champions League footie, the Hong Kong Sevens rugby is on, we're in the middle of the cricket world cup, we're close to the world championship snooker, the Masters golf at Augusta is next weekend with F1 motor racing and the tennis summer season is about to kick in - it's a sportsgasm!

A weekend with more than 3 different types of live sport to watch can be called a sportsgasm.

by Jamie Douglas April 02, 2007
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When you are feeling such pleasure watching a sport game, that you have an orgasm, resulting in max sports pleasure.
Bob: Did you watch the game last night?
Joe: Yeah, it was so intense I was having a sportsgasm.
by Ross Island View January 29, 2011
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