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A sporterization is a very fancy term used for modified military surplus rifle. Commonly done on military surplus rifles when they are cheap, the sporterization is used on many rifles regardless of maker or country of origin. Commonly done in the 1900's onto the modern era, it shares many parallels with the "bubba'd" guns of the modern era. However sporterizations are in much higher quality than the more homemade "bubba'd" guns of the modern day.

Common sporterization techniques are cutting the stock down into a more hunting rifle shape, fitting of scopes and scope rails, and hand checkering of the wood to allow a better grip. While this has faded out in activity in recent years, sporterized guns still show up in gun shows and shops around the world, with a reduced price due to it being modified.
"Well in my grandpa's collection, we did find this sporterization of a Springfield, doubt it's really worth anything"
by Poppy Brother Junior January 02, 2017
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