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A person of, generaly, German descent with identifying physical and emotional features. You may first notice a sponaugle by his or her large pumpkin-like head. Although the head may appear to be swollen or the person may seem to be in need of medical attention, it is important to understand that this is normal. To compliment the gargantuan cranium on the sponaugle you may also see a large bulbous nose positioned neatly in the center of the face. This nose is the trademark of sponaugle lineage for many centuries and is not to be ridiculed, less one may find themselve in an uncomfortable situation.

Sponaugles have been know to have emotional identifiers. Large quantities or alcohol may make them quite unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Sponaugles have been known to yell, scream, throw things, kick cars, bite, scratch, urinate in various apliances, be seen wandering in their underware, pass out and fortget the last 18 hours but still get up for work and work a 12 hour shift.

Sponaugles also tend to have snappy catch phrases like jammin, or cool as shit.

Despite these shortcommings sponaugles are all around happy folk who love to have a good time. One should not fear a sponaugle, but befriend and good things may come.

Sponaugles are generaly found in southern Florida but they have been known to be spotted in Ohio, Las Vegas, Arkansas, New York, and Canada.
Man the sun is bright today, I wish I had a sponaugle.

by M Irvin May 17, 2007
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