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"Spladow" is the onomatopoetic exclamation that a gentleman shouts while delivering a handfull of of ejaculate to the face of a partner via throwing in a sidearm motion.

Brought into popular use by Godfrey, a comic, on a VH1 Episode of "I love the 90's"
"That chickenhead was giving me head then I pulled out, and spladow!"
by Mister Spladow July 23, 2004
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To ejaculate into your hand. This is followed by throwing into someones face! SPLADOW!
They do this in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS!
by Spyler July 26, 2004
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1. Defintion seen above. Also can apply to throwing semen at any general person, place or thing.

2. To fuck up something.

3. Moted.

4. The splattering of an object.
1. Aw, watch out man I just spladowed that tuba over there...

2. Oh man, I spladowed that test yesterday!

3. P1: Dude, my ticket is right here- oh oops, I did leave it in the car...
P2: Oh, Spladow!!

4. I accidently dropped a melon yesterday and it spladowed all over the pavement.
by The Glock August 07, 2004
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