to pinch someone REALLY hard, usually from behind. For best results, pinch on the spine while saying "Why, hello there!" with a Mickey Mouse voice and pinching on the word "hello".
Guy 1: "Sup', bro."
Guy 2: "Just chillin'."
Guy1: "Why hello there!" (and does a excruciating spiner)
Guy 1: "Heh. Heh."
by iSpyOres March 30, 2014
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An obsessive Brent Spiner/DATA fan (star trek) regardless of sexual orientation. Some may even say that a Spiner-bot is the ultimate Brent Spiner/DATA fan. Surpassing Spiner-femme.
That guy is such a Spiner-Bot that he could probably repair DATA's neural net system.
by ichiromito May 18, 2011
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