Gravy with tadpoles instead of gravy with hamburger. Extra points if you're a gravy guzzler. Stroke the spigot to get it.
Eat the celery or pineapple for a smoothie instead. Either way you get breakfast in bed.
Casey looked forward to guzzling gravy out of his spigot every morning. A gravy spigot is the breakfast champions!
by Thelmaandlouis January 31, 2021
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•A title given to a person in a discriminatory way. However, unlike most slurs, it isn't based on anything related to religion, sex, race, sexual orientation, etc. It is purely based on the content of their character. In other words, a slur that does not discriminate!
Santiago: Fuck you dude.

Sean: Bro don't be such a spigot!
by BigWillyScavver July 15, 2022
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1. A component with 2 dimensions that locates two items in the right place.

2. A word that was made up because Dad had no idea what to say
1. I bout a spigot for the MZ
2. A Spigot is a perfectly good word!
by Ecodragon28 November 23, 2020
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Steve:so, did you get any last night?

Dave:hell yeah, once I got Sara home, I jammed it right into her chili spigot!
by vikingdrunk January 20, 2011
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